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What is VOR on Boeing 777? (Vhf Omni Range)

When it comes to aviation, there are many technical terms and systems that may seem unfamiliar to the average person. One such system is the Vhf Omni Range, commonly known as VOR, which plays a crucial role in the navigation of aircraft, including the Boeing 777. In this article, we will explore the concept of VOR and its significance in the operation of the Boeing 777.

Understanding Vhf Omni Range (VOR)

Vhf Omni Range (VOR) is a short-range radio navigation system that allows pilots to determine their exact position and navigate in relation to ground-based VOR stations. It operates in the very high frequency (VHF) band, typically between 108.0 and 117.95 megahertz (MHz). VOR is widely used around the world and has proven to be an effective and reliable navigation system.

The VOR system consists of ground-based VOR stations and the onboard VOR receiver installed in the aircraft. The ground stations transmit signals in a circular pattern, which can be received by aircraft equipped with a VOR receiver. These signals provide the aircraft with information about its radial, which is the angular relationship between the aircraft’s position and the VOR station.

The VOR system enables pilots to navigate by following specific radials emanating from VOR stations. By tracking and maintaining a certain radial, pilots can accurately determine their position and navigate along a desired route. This system works in conjunction with other navigation aids and instruments on the Boeing 777, such as GPS and inertial navigation systems, to provide a comprehensive and accurate navigation solution.

VOR in the Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 is equipped with multiple navigation systems, including VOR, to ensure safe and efficient flight operations. The VOR system on the Boeing 777 consists of VOR receivers, antennas, and associated systems. These components are integrated into the aircraft’s avionics system, allowing the flight crew to access and utilize VOR signals for navigation purposes.

The VOR receivers on the Boeing 777 can track signals from multiple VOR stations simultaneously. This capability enables the aircraft to determine its position and track multiple radials simultaneously, providing the flight crew with flexibility in selecting the most suitable route. The VOR system on the Boeing 777 also incorporates a variety of features and functions to enhance its reliability and accuracy.

Benefits of VOR in Aviation

The VOR system offers several benefits in aviation, particularly for aircraft like the Boeing 777. Here are some key advantages:

VOR provides accurate and reliable navigation information, allowing pilots to pinpoint their location and maintain their desired track.

The use of VOR in combination with other navigation systems, such as GPS and inertial navigation systems, enhances redundancy and improves overall navigation performance.

VOR provides navigational guidance even in areas where GPS coverage may be limited or unavailable, making it a valuable tool for pilots flying over remote or oceanic regions.

The VOR system is standardized globally, ensuring compatibility and consistency across different countries and regions.

Overall, VOR plays a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and reliable navigation for aircraft, including the Boeing 777. Its integration into the aircraft’s avionics system enhances navigation capabilities and contributes to the safety and efficiency of flight operations.


Vhf Omni Range (VOR) is an important navigation system utilized in the aviation industry, including in the Boeing 777 aircraft. With its ability to provide accurate position information and track specific radials, VOR contributes to the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. Its integration with other navigation systems enhances redundancy and ensures reliability even in areas with limited GPS coverage. As technology continues to advance, navigation systems like VOR will continue to evolve, further improving aviation safety and efficiency.


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