What is TO/GA on Boeing 777? (Take Off /Go Around)

Take Off / Go Around (TO/GA) is a crucial procedure in aviation that is employed during takeoff and landing to ensure the safety and efficiency of an aircraft. Boeing 777, one of the most popular wide-body aircraft, relies on this procedure to initiate takeoff or execute a go-around in case of unexpected circumstances or an aborted landing attempt. In this article, we will explore the significance of TO/GA in the operation of the Boeing 777 and delve into the technical details that make it an essential aspect of aviation safety.

The Role of Take Off /Go Around on Boeing 777

The Take Off / Go Around procedure on Boeing 777 plays a critical role in ensuring a safe and controlled departure from the ground or aborting a landing and initiating another climb. Let’s take a closer look at the two distinct aspects of TO/GA on this remarkable aircraft.

Take Off

During a typical takeoff on the Boeing 777, the TO/GA procedure is activated to ensure a smooth and efficient ascent. The TO/GA switch, located on the thrust levers, is designed to provide pilots with the ability to quickly and easily initiate the takeoff thrust. By pressing this switch, pilots can bypass the need to manually adjust the thrust levers and rely on the automatic thrust control system to set the required power for takeoff.

Once the TO/GA switch is activated, the autothrottle system takes over and accelerates the aircraft to the predetermined takeoff speed, known as V1. This speed is crucial as it represents the point of no return, beyond which the pilot must commit to take off, even in the case of an engine failure. The autothrottle system ensures that the thrust is set correctly for takeoff, providing the necessary power to achieve the desired climb gradient and maintain airspeed.

In addition to setting the correct thrust, the TO/GA procedure on the Boeing 777 also involves monitoring various flight parameters during takeoff. The Flight Management Computer (FMC) constantly calculates and updates the aircraft’s performance data, taking into account factors such as altitude, temperature, weight, and runway conditions. This data is vital for determining the required engine power and configuring the aircraft’s systems accordingly to optimize performance and ensure a safe takeoff.

Go Around

The Go Around aspect of TO/GA on the Boeing 777 is equally important, especially in situations where the initial landing attempt needs to be aborted due to factors such as poor weather conditions, runway incursions, or an unstabilized approach. The go-around procedure allows the aircraft to safely climb and prepare for another landing attempt or alternate course of action based on the circumstances.

When a go-around is initiated on the Boeing 777, the TO/GA mode is engaged to rapidly increase thrust and begin climbing. The autothrottle system, once again, plays a crucial role by adjusting the thrust levers to reach the required engine power for the go-around. Additionally, the flight control systems of the aircraft automatically adjust the pitch and other parameters to ensure a stable climb and avoid any potential obstacles or hazards in the vicinity.

During a go-around, the FMC also assists pilots by providing them with guidance on the optimal climb profile, speed, and configuration based on the specific aircraft weight and conditions. This information helps pilots make informed decisions and execute the necessary maneuvers to safely regain altitude and prepare for subsequent actions.


The Take Off / Go Around (TO/GA) procedure on Boeing 777 is a fundamental aspect of its operating philosophy. It ensures that the aircraft can safely and efficiently take off or execute a go-around in case of unexpected events or unfavorable landing conditions. By relying on the TO/GA switch and the automatic systems of the aircraft, pilots can initiate the necessary changes in engine power and flight control to optimize performance and reestablish control in critical moments.

Understanding the technical details of the TO/GA procedure on the Boeing 777 highlights the complexity and sophistication of contemporary aviation systems. It is a testament to the continuous advancements in aircraft design and technology that prioritize safety and precision in every phase of flight.

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