What is STAT INV on Airbus A320? (Static Inverter)

The Stat Inv, or the Static Inverter on the Airbus A320, is an essential component of the aircraft’s electrical system. It plays a vital role in converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is required to power various electrical systems and equipment on board.

The Role of Static Inverter

Electricity on an aircraft is primarily generated by the engine-driven generators known as alternators. These alternators produce three-phase alternating current at a relatively high voltage of around 115 volts AC. However, some electrical systems and components require a lower voltage of 28 volts DC. This is where the Stat Inv comes into play.

The Static Inverter converts the 115 volts AC into the required 28 volts DC, making it compatible with systems such as lighting, avionics, and other electrical equipment on board. It acts as a power supply to these systems, ensuring smooth operation throughout the flight.

Components and Operation of Static Inverter

The Static Inverter consists of various components that collectively allow for the conversion of electrical power. These components include:

  • Converter: The converter is the main component responsible for converting AC to DC. It utilizes semiconductor devices such as diodes and transistors to achieve this conversion.
  • Filter Capacitors: The filter capacitors help smoothen the converted DC power output by storing and releasing electrical energy as needed.
  • Protection Devices: To prevent any damage to the Stat Inv or the connected electrical systems, protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers are incorporated.
  • Cooling System: As the Stat Inv generates heat during operation, it requires a cooling system to maintain optimal temperature levels and prevent overheating.

The operation of the Static Inverter involves the conversion process mentioned earlier. The input power from the aircraft’s electrical system is fed into the converter, where it is rectified and transformed into a stable DC output. The filter capacitors help smooth out any fluctuations in the DC output, ensuring a consistent power supply.

The protection devices play a crucial role in safeguarding the Stat Inv and the connected systems. In the event of an electrical fault or overload, the protection devices trip to interrupt the power flow, preventing any potential damage or electrical hazards.

It is important to note that the Static Inverter is not the sole power source for the aircraft systems. The A320 is equipped with multiple Static Inverters to ensure redundancy and maintain electrical system reliability. This redundancy is essential for safe operation, minimizing the risk of power failure and ensuring continuous power supply.

For more technical information about the Static Inverter and its operation, you can refer to the Airbus A380 Static Inverter Information Guide.

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