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What is SPLR on Airbus A320? (Spoiler)

The Airbus A320 is a popular and versatile commercial aircraft that has revolutionized air travel since its introduction in 1988. Among its many features, one important component is the spoiler, abbreviated as SPLR. In this article, we will explore what a spoiler is on an Airbus A320, its function, and its importance in maintaining safety during flight.

How Does the Spoiler Work on the Airbus A320?

The spoiler on an Airbus A320 is a retractable wing device that plays a crucial role in controlling the aircraft’s lift and drag during different flight phases. Located on the upper surface of the wing, the spoiler can be extended upward to disrupt the smooth airflow, creating additional drag. This helps to reduce the lift generated by the wings, effectively reducing the aircraft’s lift-to-drag ratio.

During takeoff and landing, when the aircraft needs greater lift, the spoilers are retracted to allow for a smooth flow of air over the wings. However, in certain situations such as landing or maximum braking, the spoiler panels can be deployed to their maximum position to increase drag and help slow down the aircraft.

When the spoilers are deployed, they disrupt the airflow over the wings, reducing lift and increasing drag. This helps to decrease the speed of the aircraft and improve braking performance, particularly during landing. Additionally, the spoilers can be used differentially by varying their deployment on each wing, aiding in lateral control during landing and crosswind conditions.

Importance of Spoilers on the Airbus A320

The spoiler system on an Airbus A320 plays a critical role in maintaining the aircraft’s control and stability during various flight phases. By reducing lift and increasing drag, the spoilers contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. Here are some key reasons why spoilers are important on the Airbus A320:

1. **Enhanced safety during landing:** When an aircraft is landing, it needs to reduce its speed to touch down smoothly and safely. The spoilers assist in this process by increasing drag, which helps slow down the aircraft and allows for more precise control during landing.

2. **Improved braking efficiency:** Deploying the spoilers to their maximum position increases the drag on the wings, aiding in braking during landing. This helps to reduce the runway required for landing and enhances the aircraft’s stopping capability.

3. **Enhanced lateral control:** By controlling the deployment of spoilers on each wing independently, pilots can adjust the lift distribution and counteract the effects of crosswinds during landing. This improves the aircraft’s stability and offers greater control, especially in challenging weather conditions.


In summary, the spoiler system on the Airbus A320 is a critical component that plays a vital role in maintaining the aircraft’s control and stability. By reducing lift and increasing drag, the spoilers contribute to safe landings, improved braking efficiency, and enhanced lateral control. Understanding the function and importance of spoilers on the A320 allows us to appreciate the meticulous design and engineering that goes into ensuring the safety and performance of this remarkable aircraft.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Airbus A320 and its various components, you can visit Airbus’ official website for detailed technical information and specifications.

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