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What is SATCOM on Boeing 737? (Satellite Communications)

Satellite Communications, or SATCOM, plays a crucial role in the aviation industry, particularly on aircraft like the Boeing 737. With the advancements in technology, modern aircraft are equipped with various communication systems to ensure efficient and reliable connectivity. SATCOM is one such system that utilizes satellites to establish communication between the aircraft and the ground stations, allowing pilots and crew members to stay connected throughout the flight. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of SATCOM on the Boeing 737 and explore its significance in modern aviation.

The Importance of Satellite Communications on Boeing 737

SATCOM plays a crucial role in enabling effective communication between the Boeing 737 aircraft and the ground-based systems. It facilitates a wide range of functions, including voice communications, data transfer, and surveillance. Let’s take a closer look at some key aspects of SATCOM on the Boeing 737:

The Role of SATCOM in Voice Communications

Voice communication is a fundamental requirement in aviation, allowing pilots and air traffic controllers to exchange important information regarding flight operations. SATCOM on the Boeing 737 enables seamless voice communication throughout the flight, ensuring clear and reliable transmission of messages between the cockpit and the ground control.

Traditionally, aircraft relied on VHF (Very High Frequency) radio systems for voice communications. However, these systems had limitations when it came to long-distance or oceanic flights. SATCOM, on the other hand, provides global coverage, making it indispensable for international flights and remote areas where VHF coverage is limited. It allows pilots to easily communicate with air traffic control centers, enhancing their situational awareness and overall flight safety.

Moreover, SATCOM also supports in-flight passenger communication services, such as phone calls and internet access. Passengers on the Boeing 737 can stay connected with their loved ones or business associates, making their travel experience more enjoyable and productive.

Data Transfer and Surveillance Capabilities with SATCOM

In addition to voice communications, SATCOM on the Boeing 737 enables efficient data transfer between the aircraft and the ground systems. This data exchange facilitates various functions, including weather updates, performance monitoring, and aircraft diagnostics.

The Boeing 737 relies on SATCOM to receive crucial weather information, enabling pilots to make informed decisions regarding en-route weather avoidance or selecting suitable diversion airports. This data integration enhances flight safety and efficiency, ensuring a smoother journey for both the crew and passengers.

SATCOM also plays a significant role in aircraft surveillance. The Boeing 737 can transmit real-time data, such as position updates and engine performance parameters, to ground-based air traffic control centers. This allows for accurate tracking of the aircraft’s position and ensures effective monitoring of its systems during the flight.

Furthermore, SATCOM enables seamless connectivity between the Boeing 737 and airline operational centers. Airlines can remotely monitor the aircraft’s systems and receive real-time data on fuel consumption, engine health, and maintenance requirements. This proactive approach to aircraft monitoring helps optimize operational efficiency and reduces maintenance delays.


SATCOM is an essential component of the Boeing 737’s communication systems, providing reliable voice communication, data transfer, and surveillance capabilities. It ensures that pilots, crew members, and passengers stay connected throughout the flight, enhancing both the safety and efficiency of air travel.

As technology continues to advance, SATCOM on the Boeing 737 will undoubtedly evolve to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry. Whether it’s enabling seamless voice communication or facilitating efficient data exchange, SATCOM plays a vital role in modern aviation, ensuring that the Boeing 737 remains at the forefront of connectivity and communication in the sky.

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