What is OFF/R on Airbus A320? (Off Reset)

The Off Reset, abbreviated as OFF/R, is an important feature on the Airbus A320 aircraft. It is a system reset function that allows pilots to quickly and effectively manage various aircraft systems. The Off Reset function is designed to reset certain systems in case of malfunctions or abnormal behavior, ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the aircraft. Let’s explore the Off Reset feature in more detail and understand its significance in the context of the Airbus A320.

The Importance of Off Reset

The Off Reset function plays a crucial role in troubleshooting and resolving issues that might arise during the operation of the Airbus A320. It allows pilots to reset specific systems without having to perform a complete shutdown of the aircraft. This not only saves time but also minimizes disruptions to flight schedules, ensuring greater efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

How Does Off Reset Work?

When a system malfunctions or exhibits abnormal behavior, pilots can activate the Off Reset function to reset that particular system. This action triggers a reset sequence, which involves turning off the system, allowing a brief pause, and then turning it back on. The Off Reset function is intended to resolve software-related issues and restore normal operation of the affected system.

For example, if the aircraft’s flight control system experiences a glitch or freeze, the pilot can activate the Off Reset function for that specific system. This would temporarily disable the flight control system, giving it a chance to reset and restart afresh. As a result, the system often resumes normal operation, allowing the pilot to regain control of the aircraft and continue the flight safely.

It is important to note that the Off Reset function should only be used when directed by the aircraft’s flight crew operating manual or in accordance with the guidance provided by the aircraft manufacturer. Incorrect or unnecessary use of the Off Reset function can potentially lead to further complications or system failures.

Limitations and Precautions

While the Off Reset function is a valuable tool for resolving certain issues, it is not a solution for all possible system malfunctions. There may be situations where a complete shutdown and subsequent restart of the aircraft is required. Additionally, the Off Reset function may not be available for certain critical systems, where manual intervention or alternative procedures are necessary.

Pilots must exercise caution when utilizing the Off Reset function. It is crucial to follow the prescribed procedures and guidelines provided by the aircraft manufacturer and described in the operating manual. This ensures that the Off Reset procedure is carried out accurately and avoids any potential risks or complications.


The Off Reset function on the Airbus A320 aircraft is an essential feature that enables pilots to quickly and effectively reset specific systems in case of malfunctions or abnormal behavior. By initiating a reset sequence, the Off Reset function helps restore normal operation, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the aircraft. However, it is important to use the Off Reset function with caution and follow the prescribed procedures to avoid any potential risks. With the Off Reset feature, pilots have a powerful tool at their disposal to overcome certain system issues and maintain the smooth operation of the Airbus A320 aircraft.

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