What is IPL on Boeing 737? (Illustrated Parts List)

The Illustrated Parts List (IPL) is an essential document in the aviation industry, providing detailed information about the various parts and components of an aircraft. It serves as a comprehensive reference guide for maintenance personnel, helping them identify, locate, and procure the correct parts required for repairs and maintenance on Boeing 737 aircraft. The IPL includes detailed illustrations, part numbers, descriptions, quantities, and other vital information necessary for effective maintenance practices.

Boeing 737, as one of the most popular and widely used aircraft models, requires an accurate and up-to-date IPL to ensure the safe and efficient operation of its fleet. The IPL is produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), in this case, Boeing, and is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and improvements in the aircraft design and components.

Importance of the Illustrated Parts List on Boeing 737

The IPL plays a crucial role in the maintenance and serviceability of Boeing 737 aircraft. Here are a few reasons why it is important:

1. Accurate Identification of Parts

The IPL provides detailed illustrations of each part, allowing maintenance personnel to accurately identify the required components for repairs or replacement. By referencing the IPL, technicians can ensure that the correct parts are selected, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compatibility with the aircraft’s specific model and configuration.

This level of accuracy is crucial in the aviation industry, where even the smallest discrepancy can have significant consequences. The IPL’s detailed illustrations and part numbers eliminate any ambiguity, leading to efficient maintenance practices and improved safety standards.

2. Efficient Inventory Management

For airlines and maintenance organizations, effective inventory management is vital for operational efficiency and cost control. The IPL enables efficient inventory management by providing accurate part descriptions, quantities, and alternate part numbers where applicable. This information helps ensure that the right quantity of each part is available when needed, reducing excess inventory and minimizing downtime during maintenance operations.

By having access to the IPL, maintenance organizations can plan their spare parts procurement and storage strategies effectively. This leads to cost savings for airlines and ensures that maintenance activities can be carried out promptly and without delays.

The Role of IPL in Maintenance Planning

The IPL is a valuable tool in the overall maintenance planning process for Boeing 737 aircraft. Here’s how it contributes:

1. Preventative Maintenance Planning

Preventive maintenance is essential for ensuring the continuous airworthiness of an aircraft. The IPL plays a crucial role in such maintenance planning by providing information on the recommended service life of various components. Maintenance personnel can refer to the IPL to schedule timely replacements of parts that have reached their recommended service life, avoiding potential failures and ensuring the aircraft’s continued safe operation.

Furthermore, the detailed illustrations in the IPL can assist in the identification of parts that are prone to wear and tear, allowing for proactive maintenance practices. By proactively replacing such parts based on the information provided in the IPL, airlines can minimize the risk of unscheduled maintenance, thereby maximizing the availability of their Boeing 737 fleet.

2. Maintenance Procedure Development

The IPL also contributes to the development of maintenance procedures and practices for the Boeing 737. It provides step-by-step instructions for the removal, installation, and inspection of various parts, ensuring that maintenance technicians follow the correct procedures to ensure safety and reliability.

These maintenance procedures are developed based on extensive testing, analysis, and knowledge from the OEM. Following the procedures outlined in the IPL helps maintenance organizations adhere to industry best practices and ensures that maintenance activities are conducted in a consistent and standardized manner.


The Illustrated Parts List (IPL) is an indispensable resource for the maintenance and serviceability of Boeing 737 aircraft. It provides accurate identification of parts, enables efficient inventory management, and plays a crucial role in maintenance planning. By leveraging the information provided in the IPL, airlines and maintenance organizations can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Boeing 737 fleet, minimizing downtime, and optimizing maintenance practices.

For more information about the Illustrated Parts List and its importance in the aviation industry, you can visit Boeing’s official website.

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