What is FPPU on Airbus A330? (Feedback Position Pick Off Units)

The Feedback Position Pick Off Unit, or FPPU, is a critical component in the Airbus A330 aircraft. It plays a significant role in providing essential data regarding the position of various control surfaces on the aircraft, including the ailerons, elevator, and rudder. This information is vital for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft during flight. Through its precise measurements and continuous monitoring, the FPPU ensures that the control surfaces are accurately positioned, enabling pilots to maintain control and maneuver the aircraft effectively.

The FPPU consists of multiple units, each responsible for monitoring the position of a specific control surface. These units are strategically located throughout the aircraft, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate measurement. They work by converting the physical movement of the control surfaces into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the aircraft’s flight control system.

One of the critical functions of the FPPU is to provide feedback to the flight control system about the position of the control surfaces. By constantly comparing the commanded position with the actual position of each surface, the system can make necessary adjustments to ensure precise control. This feedback loop is crucial for maintaining stability, as any deviations from the desired position can impact the aircraft’s performance and safety.

Importance of Feedback Position Pick Off Units

The Feedback Position Pick Off Units play a vital role in ensuring the safe operation of the Airbus A330 aircraft. Here are a few key reasons why these units are of utmost importance:

Precision Control

Precision control is essential for any aircraft, and the FPPU enables the Airbus A330 to achieve just that. By accurately measuring and monitoring the position of the control surfaces, the FPPU helps the flight control system make precise adjustments to maintain stability and desired flight characteristics. This level of control is critical during various phases of flight, including takeoff, landing, and during turbulence.

Additionally, the FPPU provides real-time information to the pilots, allowing them to make informed decisions based on the position of the control surfaces. This feedback is crucial for maintaining control in emergency situations or when encountering unexpected flight conditions.

Improved Safety

The safety of the Airbus A330 and its passengers heavily relies on the accurate and reliable operation of the control surfaces. The FPPU ensures that the flight control system receives precise data on the position of these surfaces, allowing for immediate corrective actions if necessary. This helps prevent potential incidents or accidents that could result from incorrect control surface positioning.

In addition to providing feedback on control surface position, the FPPU also monitors the health and performance of the units themselves. If any anomalies or malfunctions are detected, the FPPU can alert the flight crew, enabling them to take appropriate actions and potentially prevent further issues during the flight.

Integration and Functionality of Feedback Position Pick Off Units

The Feedback Position Pick Off Units are seamlessly integrated into the overall architecture of the Airbus A330 aircraft. Each unit is connected to the flight control system via dedicated wiring harnesses and connectors. These connections ensure reliable and accurate transmission of the control surface position data.

Internally, the FPPU consists of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology that provides precise sensing and measurement capabilities. This technology allows for compact and lightweight units to be installed, minimizing the impact on the overall weight and balance of the aircraft.

The FPPU units are typically located near the control surfaces they monitor, ensuring minimal loss or delay in the transmission of data. This proximity improves the system’s responsiveness and accuracy, allowing for real-time adjustments to be made.


The Feedback Position Pick Off Units (FPPU) are critical components in the Airbus A330 aircraft, providing essential data on the position of control surfaces. They play a key role in ensuring precise control, improved safety, and the overall functionality of the aircraft. By monitoring and transmitting accurate information, the FPPU enables pilots to maintain control and maneuver the aircraft effectively throughout various flight conditions. As technology continues to advance, the FPPU will likely undergo further enhancements, enhancing the performance and capabilities of the Airbus A330 for years to come.

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