What is EMER GEN on Airbus A320? (Emergency Generator)

The Airbus A320 is a popular narrow-body aircraft that is widely used by airlines around the world. It is known for its efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. One of the essential systems on the A320 is the Emergency Generator, also known as the EMER GEN. The EMER GEN plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the aircraft during emergencies.

The EMER GEN is a backup power source that provides electrical power to essential systems and equipment in the event of a primary power failure. It is designed to automatically activate and take over the electrical load in case of an emergency, such as a complete loss of power from the main generators or an electrical system failure.

The EMER GEN is located in the rear fuselage of the aircraft, near the tail section. It is powered by a dedicated hydraulic motor, which is driven by the aircraft’s hydraulic system.

How Does the Emergency Generator Work?

During normal operations, the aircraft’s main generators supply electrical power to the entire aircraft systems, including the cockpit, cabin, and essential equipment. However, in the event of a power failure, the EMER GEN is designed to quickly activate and provide backup power.

When a power failure occurs, either manually or automatically, the EMER GEN is activated by the Aircraft Monitoring and Control System (AMACS). Once activated, the EMER GEN starts to provide electrical power to critical systems such as the flight controls, navigation, communication, and essential lighting.

The EMER GEN is capable of supplying electrical power for a limited time, typically up to 30 minutes. This duration is sufficient to ensure that the necessary systems are operational until the aircraft can safely land or until the main generators are restored.

The EMER GEN is also equipped with a Low Oil Pressure Monitoring System, which constantly monitors the hydraulic motor’s oil pressure. In case of low oil pressure, an alert is triggered, indicating a potential failure or malfunction. This allows the flight crew to take appropriate actions and ensure the continued operation of the emergency power system.

Importance of the Emergency Generator

The EMER GEN is a crucial component of the aircraft’s electrical system and plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. It provides backup power during critical situations, allowing the flight crew to maintain control over the aircraft and perform essential functions.

In the event of a complete loss of power from the main generators, the EMER GEN ensures that critical systems, such as flight controls and communication, remain operational. This enables the flight crew to safely navigate and communicate with air traffic control, increasing the chances of a successful emergency landing.

The EMER GEN is also crucial during electrical system failures. If there is a malfunction in the aircraft’s electrical system, the EMER GEN takes over the electrical load and provides backup power. This ensures that essential equipment, such as navigation aids and lighting, continue to function, allowing the flight crew to safely operate the aircraft.

The EMER GEN is designed to be highly reliable and robust, capable of operating in extreme conditions. It undergoes rigorous testing and meets stringent certification requirements to ensure its effectiveness in emergency situations.

In Conclusion

The Emergency Generator (EMER GEN) on the Airbus A320 is a critical component that provides backup power in the event of a power failure or electrical system malfunction. It ensures the continued operation of essential systems, enabling the flight crew to safely control the aircraft and perform necessary functions. The EMER GEN’s reliability and effectiveness contribute to the overall safety and reliability of the A320 aircraft.

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