What is CHC on Airbus A320? (Cargo Heat Controller)

The Cargo Heat Controller (CHC) is an essential component of the Airbus A320 aircraft, responsible for regulating the temperature in the cargo hold. As the name suggests, it controls the heating system that ensures the cargo remains at the desired temperature throughout the flight. This crucial system plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable goods, animals, and pharmaceuticals.

Just like humans need to maintain a stable body temperature for optimal health, goods transported in an aircraft must also be kept within a specific temperature range to prevent damage or spoilage. This is particularly important when it comes to items that have strict temperature requirements. The CHC on the Airbus A320 provides the necessary control and monitoring to ensure that the cargo hold maintains the appropriate temperature for the goods being transported.

The Role of the Cargo Heat Controller

The Cargo Heat Controller is responsible for regulating the heating system in the cargo hold. It works in conjunction with other systems, such as the environmental control system (ECS), to maintain the desired temperature range. The ECS supplies the necessary conditioned air to the cargo hold, while the CHC ensures that the air is heated to maintain the desired temperature.

The CHC continuously monitors the temperature inside the cargo hold and adjusts the heating system accordingly. It ensures that the set temperature is maintained throughout the flight, regardless of external conditions. This is particularly important during cold weather conditions, as the outside air temperature can significantly impact the cargo hold’s temperature.

By maintaining the cargo hold’s temperature, the CHC helps to prevent the deterioration or spoilage of temperature-sensitive cargo. For example, perishable goods, such as fruits and vegetables, require specific temperature ranges to prevent them from ripening or freezing. Similarly, animals and pharmaceuticals have strict temperature requirements to ensure their well-being and efficacy. The CHC allows airlines to transport such goods safely and ensures their quality is maintained.

The Operation of the Cargo Heat Controller

The Cargo Heat Controller operates based on inputs received from various sensors located in the cargo hold. These sensors constantly monitor the temperature and feed the information back to the CHC. The controller then adjusts the power supplied to the heating elements in the cargo hold, ensuring that the desired temperature is maintained at all times.

The CHC also takes into account other factors, such as outside air temperature and altitude, to make precise adjustments to the heating system. By considering these variables, it ensures that the temperature inside the cargo hold remains stable throughout the flight.

In addition to temperature control, the CHC also incorporates safety features to protect against overheating or malfunctioning of the heating system. It monitors the power supply to the heating elements and has built-in safeguards to prevent any potential risks.

The integration of the CHC into the Airbus A320’s overall system architecture allows for efficient and accurate temperature control in the cargo hold. It ensures that airlines can meet the strict requirements for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo and provides peace of mind for shippers and recipients.

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