What is CAP on Boeing 777? (Contact Authorized Proposal)

The Contact Authorized Proposal (CAP) is a crucial part of the Boeing 777 aircraft. It refers to the proposal that is authorized by Boeing to be presented to potential buyers or clients who are interested in purchasing or leasing the aircraft. The CAP provides detailed information about the features, specifications, and capabilities of the Boeing 777, helping potential buyers make informed decisions about the aircraft.

The CAP is prepared by Boeing’s sales and marketing team, and it serves as a comprehensive document that highlights the key selling points of the aircraft. It includes technical specifications, performance data, interior and seating configurations, safety features, and much more. The goal of the CAP is to showcase the Boeing 777’s capabilities and convince potential buyers that it is the right aircraft for their needs.

When creating the CAP, Boeing ensures that it aligns with the specific requirements and preferences of the potential buyer. This customization helps address the unique needs of different airlines, allowing them to assess how the aircraft can enhance their operations and improve passenger experience. The CAP is a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in the sales process of the Boeing 777 and is used by Boeing as a means to secure aircraft orders.

How Does the Contact Authorized Proposal Benefit Potential Buyers?

The CAP provides potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the Boeing 777, enabling them to evaluate the aircraft’s suitability for their operations. It offers detailed technical information, including its range, fuel efficiency, payload capacity, and other performance metrics. This enables airlines to assess the aircraft’s capabilities and determine how it aligns with their specific route requirements and operational needs.

Furthermore, the CAP provides insights into the aircraft’s interior design and seating configurations. Airlines can explore various cabin layouts and configurations to match their passenger capacity and cabin class preferences. This allows airlines to tailor the aircraft’s interior to align with their branding and enhance the passenger experience, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The CAP also highlights the safety features and advancements of the Boeing 777. It provides information on the aircraft’s cutting-edge avionics systems, flight control technology, and emergency systems. Airlines can evaluate these features and ensure that they meet their safety standards and regulatory requirements. The CAP serves as an essential resource for airlines during the decision-making process, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the aircraft’s safety measures.

How Does the Contact Authorized Proposal Benefit Boeing?

The CAP is a vital tool for Boeing to showcase the capabilities of the Boeing 777 and secure aircraft orders. By providing potential buyers with a detailed and well-presented proposal, Boeing can effectively communicate the advantages of choosing the Boeing 777 over its competitors. The CAP plays a significant role in the marketing and sales efforts of Boeing, allowing them to highlight the unique features and benefits of their aircraft.

Through the CAP, Boeing can also gather valuable feedback and insights from potential buyers. The document serves as a starting point for discussions and negotiations, facilitating a better understanding of the buyer’s requirements and preferences. This enables Boeing to tailor their offering and address specific needs, increasing the likelihood of securing a final purchase agreement.

Moreover, the CAP helps Boeing showcase the continuous advancements and innovations incorporated into the Boeing 777. By highlighting the aircraft’s state-of-the-art technology and performance capabilities, Boeing can position itself as an industry leader and drive interest from potential buyers. The CAP acts as a powerful marketing tool, enabling Boeing to differentiate its offering and build a strong case for why airlines should choose the Boeing 777.


The Contact Authorized Proposal (CAP) is a critical document in the sales process of the Boeing 777. It provides potential buyers with detailed insights into the aircraft’s features, capabilities, and benefits. The CAP helps airlines evaluate the Boeing 777 and determine its suitability for their operations, ensuring a tailored approach to their specific requirements. Similarly, Boeing benefits from the CAP by effectively marketing and highlighting the advantages of choosing the Boeing 777 over its competitors. Through the CAP, Boeing can secure aircraft orders, gather valuable feedback, and position itself as a leader in the aviation industry. The CAP plays an integral role in the sales strategy of Boeing and assists potential buyers in making informed decisions about the Boeing 777.

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