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What is BITE on Boeing 737? (Built-In-Test-Equipment)

The Built-In-Test-Equipment (BITE) system installed on Boeing 737 aircraft plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the aircraft. BITE is a diagnostic tool that is designed to detect, isolate, and identify faults and failures in various systems and components of the aircraft. It provides real-time information to the flight crew and maintenance personnel, allowing them to quickly diagnose and address any issues that may arise during flight or on the ground.

How Does the BITE System Work?

The BITE system on the Boeing 737 consists of self-test capabilities built into the aircraft’s avionics, electrical, and hydraulic systems. These self-tests are performed automatically during aircraft startup, and can also be initiated by the flight crew or maintenance personnel as needed. The BITE system is constantly monitoring the various systems and components, collecting data and comparing it to established performance thresholds.

In the event that a fault is detected, the BITE system will generate an alert or fault message on the aircraft’s central maintenance computer or flight deck display. This alert provides information about the specific system or component that is experiencing the fault, allowing the flight crew or maintenance personnel to take appropriate action. The BITE system also provides fault isolation, narrowing down the location of the issue to aid in troubleshooting and repair.

The Benefits of the BITE System

The inclusion of the BITE system on the Boeing 737 brings several key benefits to the aircraft and its operators. Here are some of the advantages:

The Advantages of Quick Fault Detection and Isolation

One of the main advantages of the BITE system is its ability to quickly detect and isolate faults in the aircraft’s systems. This allows for timely troubleshooting and repairs, minimizing aircraft downtime and reducing maintenance costs. The BITE system can identify faults in a wide range of systems, including avionics, flight controls, hydraulics, and more, ensuring that potential issues are promptly addressed.

The Efficiency of Fault Prediction

The BITE system goes beyond simple fault detection and isolation; it also has the capability to predict potential faults before they occur. By continuously monitoring performance parameters and comparing them to established thresholds, the BITE system can identify patterns or deviations that may indicate a system is trending towards failure. This enables proactive maintenance planning and prevents unexpected failures that could potentially compromise the safety and operation of the aircraft.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

The BITE system significantly enhances the safety and reliability of the Boeing 737 aircraft. By providing real-time information about faults and failures, it allows the flight crew to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Additionally, the BITE system aids maintenance personnel in efficiently troubleshooting and repairing faults, leading to quicker turnaround times and reducing the risk of recurring issues.

BITE System Maintenance and Support

To ensure the BITE system functions optimally, it is crucial to have a comprehensive maintenance and support plan in place. Regular inspections and tests should be conducted on the BITE system to verify its accuracy and performance. In addition, any fault messages generated by the BITE system should be promptly addressed, with thorough troubleshooting and necessary repairs carried out.

Boeing provides detailed guidance and documentation for the maintenance and support of the BITE system on the 737 aircraft. This includes recommended procedures for system inspections, fault message interpretation, and troubleshooting steps. Maintenance personnel should follow these guidelines to effectively utilize the BITE system and ensure its reliability.

Furthermore, Boeing offers technical support and training to airlines and maintenance organizations to enhance their understanding and utilization of the BITE system. This support can help optimize the BITE system’s capabilities and improve overall aircraft maintenance efficiency.


The Built-In-Test-Equipment (BITE) system is a vital component of the Boeing 737 aircraft, providing real-time fault detection, isolation, and diagnostic capabilities. The BITE system enhances safety, reliability, and maintenance efficiency, allowing for quick identification and resolution of faults. By continuously monitoring performance parameters and predicting potential failures, the BITE system contributes to optimized aircraft operations and reduced maintenance costs. Proper maintenance and support of the BITE system is crucial to ensure its effectiveness and reliability, and Boeing provides comprehensive guidance and support to assist in this endeavor.

For more information about the BITE system on Boeing 737 aircraft, you can refer to the Boeing Aero magazine.

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