What is PRR* on Boeing 737? (Production Revision Record)

The Production Revision Record, also known as PRR, plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process of the Boeing 737 aircraft. It serves as a comprehensive documentation of the revisions made during the production, ensuring transparency, traceability, and quality control throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. The PRR contains vital information that aids in maintaining consistency and accuracy in the production process. Let’s dive deeper into what the Production Revision Record entails and why it is an essential component of the Boeing 737 production.

The Significance of the Production Revision Record

The Production Revision Record serves as a centralized database that documents the modifications made to the Boeing 737 aircraft during its production stages. Each revision is assigned a unique identification number, allowing easy tracking and retrieval of information whenever needed. This meticulous record-keeping system enables Boeing to ensure that any changes made during the production process adhere to the established standards and regulations.

Moreover, the PRR aids in facilitating communication among different departments and teams involved in the manufacturing process. By providing a detailed account of the modifications, engineers, technicians, and other relevant personnel can access the necessary information to understand the changes, implement them effectively, and assess their impact on the overall product.

To maintain consistency and avoid any potential errors or lapses, the PRR is updated regularly with the latest revisions and modifications. This ensures that everyone working on the aircraft has access to the most up-to-date information, minimizing the risk of miscommunication or outdated practices. The Production Revision Record is a crucial tool in ensuring the integrity and safety of the Boeing 737 production process.

The Contents of the Production Revision Record

Now that we understand the importance of the Production Revision Record, let’s take a closer look at its contents. The PRR consists of various sections, each providing essential information about the changes made during the production process.

Identification Information

The Identification Information section of the PRR includes details such as the aircraft model, serial number, and the date of the revision. This information allows easy identification and tracking of specific revisions made to a particular aircraft. Additionally, it helps in organizing and categorizing the vast amount of data recorded in the PRR.

Description of Modifications

The Description of Modifications section provides a comprehensive account of the changes made to various components or systems of the Boeing 737. It includes detailed descriptions, diagrams, and technical specifications to ensure that the modifications are accurately implemented. This section serves as a crucial reference for engineers, technicians, and other personnel involved in the manufacturing process.

Moreover, the Description of Modifications section often includes the reason for the change, highlighting any safety or regulatory considerations that prompted the revision. This ensures that all modifications comply with relevant regulations and industry standards, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the Boeing 737 aircraft.

Approval and Authorization

In this section, the Approval and Authorization details are documented. It includes the names of the individuals or teams involved in approving the modification, along with their signatures and dates. This information provides a clear record of accountability and ensures that all modifications undergo appropriate scrutiny and authorization before implementation.

Furthermore, the Approval and Authorization section often includes information about any tests or certifications required for the given modification. This ensures that all changes are thoroughly evaluated and meet the necessary performance and safety criteria.


The Production Revision Record (PRR) is an integral part of the Boeing 737 production process, facilitating effective communication, maintaining consistency, and ensuring quality control. It serves as a comprehensive documentation system that records and tracks modifications made during the manufacturing lifecycle of the aircraft. The PRR’s contents, including identification information, descriptions of modifications, and approval and authorization details, provide valuable insights to engineers, technicians, and other stakeholders involved in the production process.

By maintaining an accurate and up-to-date PRR, Boeing ensures that the production of the Boeing 737 adheres to the highest standards of safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance. The Production Revision Record plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and consistency of the aircraft manufacturing process, ultimately contributing to the exceptional quality and reputation of the Boeing 737 aircraft.

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